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On the 100th anniversary of Poland regained independence, we presented the most spectacular Bible in the publishing history of our country.
When we are talking about the 100th anniversary, we do not mean only freedom regained a many years later, when the shackles of communism were dropped. One of the characters who played a key role was the Holy Father John Paul II.
From the beginning of his pontificate, the Polish Pope managed patriotism and the pursuit of Poles for freedom. He awakened hope and encouraged him in moments of doubt. He gave strength that became the driving force of progress.


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It is commonly known that the spirit of renaissance laying at the bottom of the modern European civilisation contains in two symbols. The first symbol which can be considered as the initial sign of the new era of human thought is the Brunelleschi Dome in Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. The second one, which is the pivotal point of the unusual European period is the masterpiece by Michael Angel Buonarotti and other known artists of the Italian renaissance decorating the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

La Capella Sistina

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