The Book Of the Dead

The Papyrus of Ani

Cryptological Mt. Everest

Voynich Manuscript

Christopher Columbus

Discovery of the New World

Bible Mainz 1452-1455

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The Manuscriptum Publishing House adopts a unique, avantgarde approach to publishing that combines tradition with modernity, building on the cultural heritage of the entire world. Our jewel adorned books are exceptional and unique works of art, not just mere reproductions. They include rare bibliophilic manuscripts, incunables and other unique literary rarities of a historical and financial value. The pages of centuries-old originals reveal knowledge that has frequently impacted the history of the world, altered the fate of entire nations and affected the collective consciousness of the mankind, inspiring people to change and develop. But as time has no mercy on them, they are closely guarded in universities and national libraries, accessed only by researchers and scholars. The Manuscriptum Publishing House dares to replicate them in an excellent quality, covering them with jeweled bindings to emphasize their value and unique character of the written word.


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Manuscriptum sp.z o.o. implements a project co-financed from European FundsManuscriptum. Go to Arabia

From ancient Egypt through Europe and Columbus’ America to the golden sands of the Arabian Peninsula. For the first time in one place and at one time we gathered great historical works that shaped civilizations and were the foundations of science and technology in the modern world. Touching the works of a man whose name is already synonymous with genius, and also one that science has not „overcome” and remains a mystery to mankind to this day.
Meet the seven wonders of the world of books.

We invite you to a journey. An amazing journey through the seven wonders of the writing world.

Codex Leicester

Leonardo da Vinci

De Revolutionibus

Nicolaus Copernicus



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